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Bułgaria łagodzi przepisy dotyczące budowy systemów fotowoltaicznych na potrzeby własne

Czas: 2022-06-15 Odsłon: 27

panel słoneczny

Bulgaria's Parliament lately voted, 109-11 with 44 abstentions, to pass conclusively amendments to the Energy from Renewable Sources Act simplifying the regime for building photovoltaic powersystem for self-consumption.

Final consumers such as households or firmsmay build powersystemharnessing renewable źródła energii on rooftops and facades of buildings that are connected to the electricity transmission or distribution network for self-consumption.The owner of such a facility may return or sell electricity to the distribution network after obtaining all opinions on connection required under the Energy Act.

The members of parliament that submitted the bill said it would stimulate the installation of solar products. The new rules would apply to structures in urban areas and the capacity cap is a whopping 5 MW.